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A stitch in my side

Tiny Tuesdsay

on January 22, 2013

I have decided that every Tuesday from today forward will be known as Tiny Tuesday.  Why?…  Well, I was just sitting here looking around at all my stuff (and by stuff I mean my crafting empire) and thinking how much “tiny” stuff I have.  I won’t give away what all this stuff is because then what would I have to post on a Tuesday.

So, for my first Tiny Tuesday let me introduce the Tiny Iron…


Cute, yes?  I find it really only useful for quickly pressing seams in place before I can attack them with the big iron.  I certainly wouldn’t use it to get creases out of material – but as a an aide to mid-sewing seam pressing it is ideal.  By using it to do a little mini-press it saves having to hold my fingers in front of the big iron to hold down the seams as I go.  This to me is the ultimate payoff. I bought it some time ago from my local quilting store for about $25, it’s made by Birch Craft.

Here it is next to my big iron. It really is the miracle of miniaturisation.   As you can see they are both resting on the next lot of strips for the #ScrappyTripAlong, of which the first 12 panels are complete and the next twelve are now about to be cut and sewn.

DSCN0763[1] DSCN0764[1]

I hope you enjoyed this Tiny Tuesday, I already have my next week tiny ready to go!

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