Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Tiny Tuesday

on January 29, 2013

Well, who can believe it’s Tiny Tuesday again already.  I can’t – so much so, that this almost became Wee Wednesday.  I haven’t quite got into the rhythm of posting to a blog yet, hopefully it will kick in soon. Who knew that during my “voluntary” redundancy that I would be quite so busy with lying down, reading, eating grapes and doing the odd bit of sewing…

Anyway, here is today’s Tiny thing:


Tiny buttons in tiny bottles.  Sweet!

I have quite a large collection of buttons – I started purchasing them because they were so many cute, colourful, and unusual shapes and then I became obsessed with making button bouquets for a while and bought a load more.  But these teeny ones I just like because they are so small.  I use them for hand stitched work or accents on cards.  Most of all I just like to display them in the little glass bottles.

Of which I also have quite a few.  Now, I really don’t know why I have all of these, just that at the last craft show here in Brisbane a stall holder had packets of them for $4.  How could I not buy them.  And they’re tiny too.



One response to “Tiny Tuesday

  1. Hey Sonya – this is so much fun to read – your life sounds idyllic, as though lived in a dear little cottage with hollyhocks and periwinkles raging in the garden. I’m jealous.


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