Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Tiny Tuesday

on February 5, 2013

Honestly, how fast are the weeks going?  Almost didn’t make it for Tiny Tuesday again this week!  Technical issues with my iPad and Safari have made me cranky and it was all I could do not to fling the thing across the room.

Still here we are…  and, well – this Tiny item isn’t so much a craft item as just a treasured possession gifted to me by my friend Deb.  After the horror year of 2007, in which the job I loved was abolished, I was shifted sideways into a job I never wanted and thus resigned and then subsequently left (in very short succession) two other jobs (which were perfectly fine, I was not).  In the depths of my despair about ever finding another job that I would love as much (and manage to stay at) Deb gave me this.


A tiny three legged pig called a Chanchitos, originating from Chile.  It’s given to friends and family as a token of goodwill and love and to bring good fortune and luck.  I like him – he’s shiny and has little glass ‘diamonds’ for eyes.  And three legs.  What’s not to love.

My Chanchitos and I have been together now for a while and as fate would have it I am hoping for some of his magic in the job department to work for me again.  ‘Cos wouldn’t you know it but the job I ended up with, which I loved even more than the first job, was abolished.  [Apparently I “volunteered” for this arrangement, along with 14 000 other public servants – I could go on but I think that is a post for another time..]

So, here I am back on the job market and hoping for a bit of luck from my Chanchitos.

And I still have Deb by my side – reading through job applications, laughing at my stupid jokes and, giving me a virtual slap when I get worked up about nothing and always ready to catch up for a lemon lime and bitters and a plate of gyoza.  Everyone should get themselves a Deb – if not a Deb, then at least a Chanchitos.

May the pig of good fortune smile on you!

3 responses to “Tiny Tuesday

  1. Hi Sonya I’m enjoying your blog heaps. You’re a natural columnist and ought to be publishing in the paper as well as the e-world – it was fun last night, B


  2. PS clever blog title


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