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Shopping – recreation or sport?

on February 6, 2013

Oh my I love (LOVE) to shop.  Even the groceries.  I know.  Sad but true.  Always on the lookout for a bargain, things that I can use in my creative endeavours and things that make me happy with their beauty.

Now, I’m not supposed to be spending a lot of money, not having a regular income anymore has kind of put the brakes on my usual spree like style but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  And this is really telling, and perhaps I have a little problem, but sometimes I shop just because it makes me feel better.  It calms my nerves…

But look what I’ve bought since Saturday, this is all good stuff that I can use, and I did need them… well, most of it anyway…


Ok, Fat Quarters.  I really don’t have to say anymore about these.  Expect I pay just $3.97 each for these!!  Lots of Robert Kaufman and Riley Blake and Windham Fabrics and heaps of others.  Designers and companies that I just couldn’t afford otherwise – I have some prized pieces that I just would never cut into but like to get them out and admire.  I do use the bulk of these though, a lot having gone into my Scrappy Trip Along. Hence, the need the buy more and keep my stocks up…


Check out this fabulous lamp.  It was 30% off.  I really wanted the giant floor lamp but this pretty white one is a perfect addition to my newly decluttered and tidied bedroom. It also goes with the 5 (yes 5) other lamps also in my bedroom.  I also have two craft specific lamps.  I think I may need an intervention on my lamp problem… just saying…


Pens.  Markers. Pencils. Ink. Stamps. Paper. More pens.  Just can’t get enough.  I mean, look at the colours people! Who doesn’t like to colour in?


And these.  These are ostrich eggs.  Not real ones because that would just be weird.  These are supposed to be for landscaping, but that’s not what I’m about.  I originally went to the hardware to get some nuts (of the bolt variety) to hold down paper patterns and my quilt when I go to baste it.  The largest nuts they had just weren’t weighty enough, and frankly I didn’t want to go to the kid at the counter and ask “where do you keep your big nuts?” That’s just plain wrong.  So, as mum was with me we decided, why not buy some sand and make little sand bags and use those as weights.  What a great idea.  Except between deciding that and making it to the far side of the hardware we took a detour to the coffee shop and then spied these just outside the door.  How exciting, ostrich eggs.  I could use those. Yeah, I’m not really sure that was the smartest idea we’ve ever had.

Oh well, looks like I’m still on the look out for big nuts. Always good to have something on the shopping list…

2 responses to “Shopping – recreation or sport?

  1. There is nothing like a new fabric high. It is extra special when you find designer fabric on sale. Love your new fabric. I am enjoying watching the progress of your scrappy trip quilt.


  2. trish says:

    Freedom is having a floor stock sale this weekend. That could turn into a blood sport.


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