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Teaching boys to sew

on April 2, 2013

It is not an unknown fact that I like to dabble in a variety of crafts and hobbies.  I have discovered a love for sewing in the last two years, have had an ongoing love affair with papery things for ages and an on and off relationship with embroidery and cross-stitch (my winter sport of choice).

What I love the most is when those hobbies and interests start to influence and entice others.

As much as I roll my eyes and cringe when I hear the following “can we paint today” or “are you sewing” when my little sister’s kids come for a visit, it also gives me a bit of a thrill that they want to be involved in and do the things that I love to do.  Apart from the painting, that’s just a pain in the caboose – no matter how much newspaper I put down Charlotte seems to be able to cover the table and herself with paint. And while Charlotte is busy painting everything in sight it is this time that Jamie and I can concentrate on the real stuff.

The sewing.  That is what I enjoy the most – and especially to be able to teach a boy how to sew is nothing short of brilliant.  While some of Jamie’s attempts are not always successful, we like to work together and always have a bit of fun.  We’ve had a lesson on stitching a button – this was so he could do his own buttons on his school shirts.  We’ve done straight stitching on a machine and he was intrigued to learn how button holes were made.

We’ve made a Christmas stocking, a mini patchwork quilt for his cat and a matching cushion cover as well.  His latest request was to make a quilt for himself and because he asked so nicely we did.


Jamie working on his mini quilt for his cat Bear

Jamie is pretty good on the Janome – my machine has a variable speed so we start out slow and steady and then we smash it up to flat out fast! Not always the best option as evidenced by some of the wonky rows.  He did most of the front, I ended up adding three extra rows to give it better coverage and added a scrappy border. We quilted the top and I devised a backing for him – his choice was the stripes and I had the brainwave to add the chess board. I kept that a secret from him so he was super excited and pleased when he saw it.

DSCN0998 DSCN0982 DSCN0977

We had a great time working together and I hope that we get the opportunity to sew something together again one of these days.

2 responses to “Teaching boys to sew

  1. Absolutely awesome! He’ll give the girls a run for their money! ( Nice switch… j/k! ) LOL


  2. This is beyond sweet!


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