Sonya May hem

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on April 4, 2013

There is so much to love about Japan.

First and foremost for me is the gorgeous fabric that they produce.  So soft, colours are amazing and the detail is just divine.  I always get a bit excited when I discover that some of the pre-cut pieces I buy are the difficult to find Japanese prints.  It’s kind of a like a lucky dip for fat quarters.

Even better is when I can combine a fat quarter with a Japanese Kokeshi Doll.


Alexander Henry – Kaori Kokeshi, Red

Even more exciting is when the Kokeshi is a kitty!


Alexander Henry, Kitty Kokeshi – Cream


Alexander Henry Kitty Kokeshi – Turquoise

And the ultimate – a Japanese Happy Cat or Maneki-neko!


From the Cosmo Textile Co. Limited, Japan

And some will ask “Sonya May Hem, what are you going to make with those?” and I will say, “Wrong! I did not buy these to cut into them!”

It is the crafter’s prerogative.

I also like Japanese food, and again some will say “Sonya May Hem, ordering the same thing at Ginga is not the same as visiting Japan and trying lots of different things.”, and I will say “Bally-hoo to you!! Look at these delicious slippery gyoza dumplings, the mound of vegetarian rice and the crispy and succulent chicken kaarage.”

My friend Deb and I go here all the time and we love it.  We go so often that the regular waitress doesn’t even have to ask us if we want to see a menu.  Now that is what I call service.


[NOTE: Lemon Lime and Bitters is not traditional Japanese drink – it’s just that Ginga at Southbank make the best one in Brisbane – I know big call, but I just made it.]

One response to “Japan-easy?

  1. Trish Murphy says:

    Grasshopper say: good to finally see some pics from Ginga. Nice post. 🙂


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