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A stitch in my side

Flatpack Friday

on April 12, 2013

Oh IKEA, I hear your siren song and float magically towards your doors (actually silently scream in my head as you have to go along a scary motorway to get there).  Once inside I am mocked by your cleverly appointed and luxurious staged rooms.  And yes, I did see you have now set up a “craft room” with which to make me feel even more inadequate with my mismatched furniture, and I hate to say it, but cheap IKEA lite knock-off shelving units.

Sigh.  But I cannot deny that I love you so.  Why else would I buy tea towels that I don’t need, but they were so pretty that I couldn’t leave them.  Or, perhaps it was the 11 metres of Britten Nummer fabric that I bought. Yes, I have coveted this material since spying it being used by some super quilters out in blog land. And quite frankly at $3.99 a metre it’s worth it – and it was the end of the roll and and and…

But, oh please sweet baby cheeses – the best thing I bought was the Raskog trolley.  So minty green and pretty.  I checked the stock levels every night before the big day just to make sure you were in and there you were Aisle 26, location 01.  And then I got you home and left you in your box for a couple of days and then thought I simply must put you together and then my life (craft room) will be complete.

RÅSKOG Kitchen trolley IKEA

Look at you Raskog – adorable!!

But no! IKEA you done me wrong.  You gave me the wrong plates with which to attach the baskets.  I am inconsolable (#firstworldproblems). I am awaiting a response from IKEA to my tear stained email – until then I must busy myself with assembling shelves from Officeworks and sorting my fat quarters.


[With thanks to Nonni Papperonni for driving and the breakfast – it was a delightful mornings work!]

3 responses to “Flatpack Friday

  1. Enough to make me wanna laugh AND cry! I hate when that happens! Ya’ wanna grab hold of the top CEO and turn them into a Bobble Head!


    • sonyamayhem says:

      Oh, I love the bobble head idea!! I have a long list of people I could do that to…
      Sad part is it took me close to an hour just to get the base together without poking myself in the eye – before I even realised the parts were wrong.


  2. Trish Murphy says:

    tag: ikeafail 🙂


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