Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

April – pah! Come on May (hem)…

on April 26, 2013

My blog may be called Sonya May Hem but I don’t particularly like mayhem in my life.  I like quiet, reflecting (code word: lounging) and generally pottering about like an old lady.  But the last two weeks have been anything but, although reflecting (lounging) on it today it’s not as bad as some people’s lives have been.  And for that I am truly thankful.

We’ve had a car breakdown in the middle of one of the busiest roads in Brisbane.  I’m not kidding – take your busiest road, double the traffic, then triple it – add in one large semi trailer, pantech or juggernaut for every car, a couple of ambulances and a couple of motor bikes and pushies for effect.  We luckily made it into the turning lane – turned everything off and jumped out.  What a shamozzle, we’re in the local auto club so a quick phone call was all we needed except that the battery in my phone was flat.  Thank goodness for a lovely passing motorist (who also happened to be someone I worked with) who stopped and lent me their phone.  Half an hour later we were riding in Jimbo’s tow truck to our mechanic and we were entertained with some rather fruity jokes.  Thanks goodness we’re not proper ladies!

I also had a new mattress delivered.  It is the most money I have ever spent on a single item!!  But it is so worth it, I had forgotten how luxe it was since I tried it out in the shop. Covered in some sort of velvet plush stuff and so puffy and high.  It is huge – it’s only a double – enough room for me and the cat – but it is huge. HUGE.  My old double sheets don’t fit – it is so high it meets the top of the bed head and completely dwarfs the foot.  I am like the princess, but without the pea.

We also had a birthday for my nephew Jamie.  He’s 10 which freaks me out a little, I still remember holding him when he first came home.  He scored well with an iPod as a group gift, a stack of new NERF weaponry and a steering wheel for his PC.  His choice for lunch was our local Sizzler restaurant – a good venue for families and sates my bi-annual desire for Malibu Chicken and cheesy bread.  I was a good Auntie Son and made a NERF cake.  Not as flash as some you can find on the inter-webs but he was pleased.


My Little Curly Mo


Now, he’s all grown up


It took an hour to cut that out – but only a minute to cut into it…

I also had a breakthrough with my IKEA Raskog trolley.  Thanks to the lovely staff at IKEA Logan who rang and sorted everything out for me.  All I’m going to say is that you should always (ALWAYS) read the instructions through to the end.  It helps.

In more crafty circles I have done some online shopping at the Fat Quarter Shop, been using an iPad app to play around with quilt “designing” and starting yet another quilt (while two are still waiting to be finished).  I hope to have a couple of posts in the next week on all of these exciting developments.

Hope you are all having a lovely start to the weekend.

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