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A stitch in my side

What did we do before Pinterest…?

on May 8, 2013

I like to believe that I actually invented Pinterest.  Yes, I know what you’re all thinking – that statement is complete madness.  I can’t even get a widget to work so how could I invent Pinterest. But, it’s true!  Although, my version was completely paper based and involved a stick of glue and a pair of scissors (paper of course, not the good sewing scissors…)

During a recent clean-up and re-org of my “studio” space I found my ideas book.  This little book became my scrapbook for ideas – any time I saw something fab on the internet, on a blog, with an online retailer I would copy and paste the picture to a word file.  Once I had a big enough document I would print my pages and spend a lovely evening cutting and gluing.

Can you see how this is Pinterest like?  Don’t we all sit at home of an evening now, and instead of interacting we’re too busy pinning crock-pot recipes we’ll never make and weeping over stylish houses we’ll never live in??

But, it was just me and my glue stick.  I even had my book divided into sections:

Bags, totes and accessories:


Cute things to make and do:


Things made of paper:


And illustrations and art:


I was a cutting and pasting fool.   And just like Pinterest I knew I would never make any of these things but they inspired me at that moment.  A flash of colour, an unusual pleat or closure, a simple line drawing and sometimes adding something just because of its beauty. No more no less.

And I see this in my pins on Pinterest now – a lot of stuff I will never ever go anywhere near creating, but I like the inspiration – I also like to think of it as acknowledging the work of the artist, the seamstress, the quilter, the cook and the comedian.

Thank goodness Pinterest came along when it did!  As much as I love my analog version and flicking through it again made be remember a whole stack of things I wanted to try I’m glad we’re digital now – just imagine how many glue sticks I would have needed…

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