Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Mum’s the word

on May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day!  Or if even if you don’t have children but have a couple of cats or other furry friend (not including hirsute husbands and partners…) Happy domesticated dependents day!!

I actually pulled a crafty for the day, which given my current propensity for just sitting and staring is pretty awesome.

I had already bought little Dawnie a pair of lovely owl pajamas (which she refused to model so I could photograph them – spoil sport) and a new pretty tea mug so decided a little mug rug was required.

It’s double sided, depending on what your fancy is…

DSCN1097[1]     DSCN1098[1]

The coloured side is Promenade by Riley Blake Designs in Yellow, Blue and Purple; the black and white side is Cecilia from IKEA.

These little rugs are easy to knock out – two squares and some batting – sew together, leave a turning hole, turn and stitch.  I went around the outside twice to make sure I caught the opening.

Also made a card to go with as well…


I used lots of different bits and pieces from my stash of paper crafting goodies.  I think it turned out alright – I tend to over think cards and they never turn out how I imagine they will.  A manila tag, a heart paper clip,some bling and a bit of machine stitching on the sides and it all came together .

Hope you had a wonderful day.

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