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The Happy Bag

on May 17, 2013

Well yes, I have actually done some sewing this week.  Shock! My friend Deb asked me ages ago if I would make another sling bag for her.  Of course I said yes and then promptly never did it. But, here we are now with a finished bag and a happy bag owner.

This pattern is the Nappy Bag from Amy Butler – it comes with the pattern for the bag as well as a change mat and cover.  A nice trio of gifts if you have friends with babies or are in need of such a bag yourself.

Now, fact is, I don’t have children.  None of my closest friends have children (nor are they likely to – ever).  We are young(ish), free and childless – wahoo!!  But, I really like this bag – the shape and size are winners when you carry a lot of crap super important stuff around. I use mine when I go to Spotlight – plenty of room for all those essential purchases…

I have made this bag three times already – pretty much as it is but without the changing mat and cover.  I have also never added the “cell” phone pocket.  As good as it is, all three owners decided that the following changes were critical to make it a truly great bag:

  • boxed bottom – I much prefer a flat bottom bag, it just seems to allow better holdage (I just made that word up but you know what I mean). Unless you’re putting flat things in this bag it’s not so good for bulky or unusual shaped items.  So I squared the corners at 2″ and now it has a lovely boxed bottom.
  • pockets – in the original pattern there are pockets on both sides of the interior that go right down into the bottom seam. Again, unless you’re carrying baby bottles, wipes and whatever else that babies need these pockets are a bit of a dud.  Too deep and too many.  So while I used the basic pattern shape I shortened them and made them half the depth and only put them on one side.  Much easier to control your stuff and not have to rummage around on both sides to find your bus ticket.

Easy enough changes to make but maximising the overall usability.

So the end product in pictures…


Deb was really pleased with the final product and, as you can see, promptly switched everything over and used it straight away.

Materials used:  Britten Nummer from IKEA for the interior; Quilt backing material from Spotlight for the exterior; Guterman thread.

2 responses to “The Happy Bag

  1. Your bag looks great. What a lucky friend. I love Amy Butler’s patterns and fabrics. I wish she would visit Australia soon. Have you seen her video of her new range that she is taking to the Portland Quilt Market. Here is the link I follow her on facebook. She is so inspiring.


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