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Set a place for me

on May 28, 2013

Another week of sewing – I know, when will the madness end!  This, as with most of my sewing, was a gift for a friend.  A very (very) late birthday / house warming present – her birthday was in February and she moved house about 12 months ago… I like to mull things over before I commit myself.

Anyway, the actual sewing of this project started back in February when I devised to make a zippered pouch, alas the sewing was awful and I just couldn’t bring myself to complete what I had started.  At some point what I have made will be up-cycled into something else.  And so it sat, and a couple of weeks ago, with a dinner date in the offing with this friend I really wanted to make her something.

And so, the placemats were born.

My pinsperation came from the Liberty of London and Red Pepper Quilts placemats project.

I used a pretty wide selection of fabric from my stash as well as some scrap vomit.  I was originally going to stay true to the project guidelines but decided to cut my squares at 2.5″ and not have the alternating neutral fabric. The surround was some basic beige cotton from the quilting section of Spotlight.  I even used interfacing on the back of the squares to give them a little more stability. I didn’t quilt the placemats, instead, I machine stitched the binding down and in doing so added a little sewn line on the front.

For my backing I used some cotton Postcard Tea Towels from Target.  The binding was 25mm bias binding from Birch.  It’s been a long time between binding so I used the excellent Lori Holt’s binding method.

DSCN1136 DSCN1138 DSCN1140 DSCN1142

This is a lovely little project that you can complete in an afternoon or two.  I enjoyed selecting the colours and making something special for a special friend. Here they are in their new home…

by sonya may hem

One response to “Set a place for me

  1. Lovely placements. I love the colours.:)


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