Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Lone Starburst lovely

on July 16, 2013

Well, the paper piecing festival is in full swing.  I am still amazed at how quickly and relatively easily these patterns come together.  This week I have been attempting the Lone Starburst template.  My template came from Six White Horses.

A slight alteration in that I decided to not have the second border and just continued my central star into the striped edge. I have visions of making at least another 8 (or 11 or 15…) of them and making them into a larger quilt.  Lots of lovely brights in my stash that will just make these pop with colour.  This one star took under three hours in total to put together – and I only had to unpick once!!


I’ve also made some progress on the quilt I started for my mum way back (way way back…).  It was borne from the discarded notion of another quilt which just wasn’t making any progress.  Unfortunately I only get to work on it when someone isn’t sleeping on it…


But who can stay angry at that little face… look at him sitting so nicely on his chair…


Hope you’re getting your craft on this week!

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