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A stitch in my side

Star light, star bright

on July 23, 2013

Well, another week, another batch of Lone Starburst panels.  I am not yet bored with this pattern – and I see plenty more in my future!

All constructed from fat quarters and offcuts from yardage in my stash.  I often struggle with cutting in to some of my stash pieces, all folded and crisp, but watching these stars come together makes it ok. [Apologies for bad photos, apparently I can’t include points in any shots!]





I have also ventured into the realm of Flying Geese in a Circle, pattern from Piece by Number.  Had convinced myself this would be harder because it was in “a round” but it’s still all squares and triangles so no drama at all.


And a post wouldn’t be the same without a Mr B photo – little blossom was quicker than I thought, he’s 18 (and a bit), and decided to nest in my scrap box while I was out of the room.   Ahhh, what a sweetie – he knows how much I love cat hair on everything…


2 responses to “Star light, star bright

  1. Ooh the flying geese block is lovely!


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