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Planned “randomness” on a Thursday

on July 25, 2013

I am uneasy with random unplanned activities.  Spontaneous is not my middle name, it’s May.

However, in the interests of ‘keeping it real’, here is my version of Really Random Thursday…

A lovely friend of mine mentioned that she thought my Maple Fox Forrest QAL looked a little like the Spirit Guide, the Space Coyote from The Simpsons… I agree.  Johnny Cash as the Spirit Guide during Homer’s chilli hallucination – classic episode.

IMG_0778Space Coyote

We made a little vegetable garden in an old wheelbarrow.  Tomato, parsley, lettuce, sage, carrots and beetroot.


Still in the garden, our Snowflakes have bloomed. Not sure if it’s the right time of year for these, but it’s been cold in Brisbane and maybe this is the closest we’ll get to snow in the sub-tropics?


Possibly my most favourite thing to eat for breakfast on a Thursday if I go out… a freshly made bruschetta with bacon.  Delicious!


And today’s fabulous find from the internet – LEG WARMERS FOR CATS!! Check it out… you’re welcome…

2 responses to “Planned “randomness” on a Thursday

  1. I love your fox block. It looks fantastic.


  2. What a fantastic fox block! I only hope one day I can figure out how to piece together fabric to make awesome pictures, how creative!


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