Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Sew busy…

on August 19, 2013

Well hello!  I just looked at the date I last posted… oops… so much for my “I will post twice a week” schedule.

Anyway, amongst appointments, visits to galleries, lunches and dinners with friends and the continuing job search I have been busy at the Janome.  Even when I make a commitment to do other ‘essential’ jobs at the start of the day I gravitate towards the sewing room by mid-afternoon.  Which is a good thing as I have done a finish on one project, completed some sewing for home and started on my next project (more on those next time).

And a most pleasing finish it has been.  This quilt has been haunting me now for close to two years.  It started as a “quilt” (very loosely a collection of squares that sat in a basket for a long time) for me – which I started sewing not really understanding how a quilt actually came together.

I sewed some squares and frankly got bored. It was a mess of flannelette and cord.

In the midst of a clean-up I discovered this basket again, sorted through the layers and revised my quilt plans.  A decision to make this into a quilt for my mum was the end result.  All the fabric was from Spotlight – some baby cord, small dots cotton and a tiny rose print wintella – all in soft greens with a hint of pink.

My inspiration for the shapes came from the Tsuru quilt by Rashida Coleman-Hale, and again it is plainly obvious that I don’t like to follow patterns or suggested sizings because it looks nothing like it – but it got me going again and the end result – as long as you don’t look too closely isn’t so bad.


I used the quilt as you go method, a great tutorial here with Maureen Cracknell, which made the whole process a lot simpler.

The actual quilting stitches were stitched using a heavy weight Guterman thread, which I think they call upholstery thread but it really gives a very raised and obvious feel to the stitching which I quite like. Lots of straight line stitching, outline stitching and continuing the shape of the triangles in some of the squares as well.


The backing is from the Spots and Stripes range at Spotlight – a lovely ombre effect in a blue-green and the binding (hand sewn!!) is a smaller dot in the same range. I refer to the Lori Holt method for binding.


And although this quilt has been formally gifted – someone still thinks it was made for them…


2 responses to “Sew busy…

  1. I love your quilt Sonya. It is so pretty. 🙂


  2. sonyamayhem says:

    Thank you! I love anything floral and pastel. I still have plenty of my squares left so maybe a cushion cover or two.


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