Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Stash Saturday

on August 24, 2013

So, a girl walks into a fabric store…

It could be the start of the world’s greatest joke. Yes? Unfortunately, for some of us it’s the start of a sad and economically fractious tale  that is all too familiar…

My name is Sonya May Hem and I have a fabric addiction.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  However, I refuse to join any twelve step program that promises to cure me of this particular affliction!!  Something about going to rehab, and I said no no no…

These are all purchases over the last 5 months. Most of them were on sale. I said most.

This group are all 1-2 metres from the roll – my LQS was having a mega sale and well, these just took my fancy.  The blue clouds are from another LQS, quite expensive but I really needed it.  For something.  Haven’t worked out quite what though…


This group are all pre-cut fat quarters from a big discount store – they don’t seem to be putting any new ones out so I have had to resort to buying the “ugly” ones that no-one else wants (the browns).  Although, some of them have turned out to be quite decent.  I scored some of the last Dr Seuss range, some older Lori Holt pieces and some other lovelies from Michael Miller, Riley Blake and Windham Fabrics.




These last two lots are plain homespun and printed yardage from Spotlight and the big grey dots is some discounted dress fabric from the LQS as well.  Every time I go in to the store I touch it and when I saw it was on sale – wahoo, some of it was coming home with me.  I have plans to use some of that on a new bag.  The purple dots is to back and bind a quilt in progress and the two pinks were just calling to me. I’ve already used the green ombre dots on the back of my latest quilt.



And even with all of this here – there are still other fat quarters that I didn’t show… And I want to go back to Spotlight because the new catalogue came and I saw some prints that I want for another project in mind.  And I also have two shopping carts waiting on a couple of US sites.

Good grief – maybe I do need to go to rehab… and do something about my shocking photography skills…

2 responses to “Stash Saturday

  1. Nice selection of fabrics. Spotlight have been having some wonderful discounts on their quilting fabrics lately. I am in a self imposed ban on venturing into Spotlight because of my fabric addiction. Life as a fabric addict has it’s tough moments.:)


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