Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

Home Economics

on September 6, 2013

Do you remember Home Economics when you were in high school?  – except we called it home econobbies – because we were hilarious!!

Learning to sew, cook and be a good little house keeper.  I suppose most households still have a copy of Day to Day Cookery hidden on a shelf somewhere. I still have the baby dress and t-shirt I made in Year 9 for Home Ec.  (unfinished of course…)  And we did Mother Craft as well.  A local nursing Sister would come to the school once a month and the girls would get lessons on how to bath a baby, change a nappy and make up formula.  Not forgetting the fact that most of us were just 13 and (hopefully) years away from children and domestic engineering. This was all arranged through the Education Dept of a very (very) conservative government. I don’t know what sort of girls they thought we were and to this day I still don’t know what the boys did while we were at our baby lessons – certainly not learning how to be proper gentlemen if the remainder of my high school years were to go by.

Anyway, back to topic – in celebration of home economics I did a little home sewing.  Hanging tea-towels.  I know!  More often than not local ladies auxiliary and charity groups sell the crocheted versions of these for fundraising and we buy them when we can but they do tend to be rather expensive, so why not make them yourself.  There are plenty of patterns for these all over the web but I used the shape for the tops from this one but I gathered instead of pleating the top of the towel. Lots of sewing later…


Teatowels from the usual big discount stores and the tops from miscellaneous bits and pieces, some IKEA and Spotlight fabrics and buttons all from the my stash.

A very satisfying sew indeed.

Have a lovely crafty weekend and if you’re in Australia – don’t forget to vote!

5 responses to “Home Economics

  1. You made me laugh with this post Sonya. I went to a State High School in NSW and thankfully we didn’t have baby classes. It was a very proactive move for a very conservative Gov’t to provide these lessons. I don’t use these towels but thanks for the link to the tutorial. 🙂


  2. thedudesews says:

    I remember my junior high and HS has home economics, I was interested in sewing, but being a teenage boy, I wasn’t going to risk ridicule by saying I wanted to sew… Think of all the stitching time I’ve missed *sigh*


    • sonyamayhem says:

      Hi Dude! Boys weren’t allowed to do home ec. when I was at high school, and that was the mid eighties, now classes are mixed, which is good. I didn’t really like home ec. I would have preferred to be doing Technical Drawing (boys only)!! Still, all those lessons behind behind a sewing machine must have stuck with me, because I love to sew now.


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