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It’s a kind of hexie magic

on October 9, 2013

To the long list of things I am working on but may not complete —  I now add the hexie quilt.


I love a good polka dot (who doesn’t..??) and a mini chevron is the biz.  These are all fat quarters from Spotlight – of course – and since this was taken I also added in three more yellows and two more dark blues.  Brights seem to be my go to tones but I wanted it to have a little depth as well so added in a few pastel colours.

Nobody really tells you how awesome cutting out your shapes is. You cut and cut and cut and cut and cut. I’m using pre-cut papers, honestly who has time to cut out hexies before you cut out hexies.  Ridiculous.  These are 2″ hexagons from Sew Easy, about $5 for a pack of 100, I bought three packs (don’t ask) in Spotty.  And then I found a 2″ hexagon template with seam allowance in my LQS for $5.  A lot of tracing and cutting later…

And then you get to make up the actual hexie shape.  To keep things steady I used a couple of large paper clips to hold the shape while I basted.  Lots of tutorials out there but I like how Lori Holt works.

And wallah… 240 hexies later


And then the real fun begins.  It’s been quite therapeutic sitting there of an evening  stitching away.  I can generally manage one whole hexie flower a night. The first flower I did was random and it was awful so one night of sewing and one night of un-sewing. Simples.

Then I tried different layouts and had grand visions about cascading effects… yeah, not going to happen. So, I’m using a lovely old fashioned grandmothers garden layout.  My end aim is to have some white in between each flower so that each set stands on its own.


I really like where this is heading.  It’s old fashioned but with a modern touch.  And because when I’m working on a “project” I like to keep things coordinated and together, I made a little craft bag to keep it all in.  I’m like that…


4 responses to “It’s a kind of hexie magic

  1. You have made great progress on your hexies, Sonya. I love grandmothers garden and it looks great in the fabrics that you have chosen. I have been bitten by the hexie bug too but haven’t started cutting out yet. I have my papers, glue pen and fabrics all ready to go. I will enjoy watching the progress of your hexies and it will help keep me inspired to start my own. Thanks for sharing.:)


  2. This is something I’ve been totally meaning to try! I have no idea what is stopping me. How long did it take you to make all those hexies?


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