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She shops, she sews!

on November 12, 2013

Lest anyone who reads this blog think I do nothing but shop I do actually sometimes sew. I know. Incredible.

My latest finish has been a table topper/runner.  In my usual style I decided I wanted to make something and instead of following a conventional pattern I decided to just wack some bits of material together and see what happened.

Ta da…


I used four fat quarters from the Sarah Fielke for Spotlight Millefiori range, plus some white and pale blue homespun from my stash.

I really like the chevron shape and was keen to “practice” the construction some more so that was my first choice – I also did another run but used pink instead of the white but wasn’t totally sold on it.  As the chevron on it’s own wasn’t wide enough for a runner I added in a 2″ border and then bound it with the pale blue. I quilted around the white space and each chevron shape.

I quite like how it turned out – another one of those sewing adventures that in my head is something completely different to how it ends up.  But I like to think those are the best projects.


In any case the recipient, my mum, thought it was lovely and put it to good use straight away.


5 responses to “She shops, she sews!

  1. That is just beautiful!!!


  2. It looks great! And even better in use by your Mum!
    I also like the projects that end up different than I expected, but better of course!! (Which is just as well as I have so many like that!)


  3. Gorgeous! I love the pattern, the fabric…everything 🙂 Avis x


  4. Love the bright colours you’ve chosen.


  5. mandymunroe says:

    Great use of the fabric, it’s so jazzy and modern at the same time. The blue binding works really well too. Perfect.


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