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A stitch in my side

Oh Christmas tree…

on December 18, 2013

I can hardly believe that we are rolling in to the final weeks of 2013!  It has been a year of some highs and some lows but all in all a productive and happy year.  Rather than just reaching for the usual shop bought decorations I managed to construct a couple of strands of bunting, a table runner and a card holder.  We’ve never been this coordinated at Christmas before!!

Christmas Collage

All completed using fat quarters I have been collecting / hoarding / stashing for some time.  I also remembered that I had bought a pinking rotary blade so that took some of the work out of having to sew sides on triangles. Although I did get quite the work out pushing it across the fabric – the blade wasn’t the same brand as the cutter and it was a little tight to roll – still, I got nice edges even if I couldn’t hold my arm up for a couple of days…

The triangle shape was one of many that are out there – I can’t remember which one I used.  I do know that I didn’t follow the instructions and change my printing size so ended up with a tiny triangle, however, it turned out to be the perfect size!   Also from my stash was the bias binding tape I used to attach them in a strand.  They look quite pretty fluttering in the (sometimes) breeze.

The runner, again from my Christmas stash were just two inch strips. sewn together, and backed with a suitably themed fabric and bound with some Sarah Fielke for Spotlight Millefiori in green. I didn’t bother with batting as it would have made it too difficult to rest things on.  I also used some lovely red ric-rac to accentuate some of the lines.

And now, we’re exactly one week away from Christmas Day!!  I’ve finished all my present shopping with only the wrapping to go.  Our weather here in Brisbane is starting to climb and it should be in the mid-30’s for the big day.  Our menu has been finalised, the grocery list written and a trial run of the rum balls is in progress!

Happy Christmas to all my lovely followers – I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends, think back on our achievements in 2013 and look forward to new challenges in 2014.

[As a special treat this is a photo of me (in the basket) with my two older sisters, circa 1970.  My father made the tree from the bristles of an industrial cleaner – we thought it was the most beautiful tree in the world.]

Christmas 1970

One response to “Oh Christmas tree…

  1. I am just loving how you got an arm workout from cutting, lol! Maybe I need to get mismatched blades too, I’ve been neglecting the gym for a good year, ha! I love your sweet family photo!


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