Sonya May hem

A stitch in my side

The cat quilt

on April 6, 2014

Another month without posting anything… however, if I’m not blogging it’s because I’ve been busy sewing!!

Perhaps I should have called this post Project X – ‘cos that’s about how many things  I have going at the moment…

However amidst all the on-goings there has been a finish. Ta-dah…




I started this in January and did actually finish the construction in February, but it took until last night to complete the binding.  It’s been really hot and when you’re literally sweating out your eyeballs you don’t want a quilt resting on your lap.

But anyway… the stats… the cats were made using the gorgeous pattern at Oh, Fransson! – providing you with 25 individual cat patterns so you can either pick one cat style or do one of each.  I did two of each pattern, which left me one spare to use as the label on the back which I then forgot to add.  My intention all along for this quilt was for it to be a wall hanging so it’s not especially large as some but I still wanted it to be substantial enough to be an effective “artwork”.

Each cat is made from the fat quarter stash – I tried really hard not to have any repeat fabric apart from the blocked colour.  Sashing was from white homespun and the binding is Pointilism from the Paintbox Collection by Cynthia Rowley for Michael Miller.  It’s a gorgeous patterned fabric — get some.  The backing is from IKEA, not sure what it’s called but it’s the one with birds and leaves (but then aren’t they all…).


You can check out some of the other finishes on Instagram.

Hope you’ve all had a happy and productive weekend – until next time,



4 responses to “The cat quilt

  1. I love this quilt Sonya. It is so bright and colourful. Cute pattern.


  2. This quilt is lovely, all those cats and everyone different


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