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The Sister Quilt, Part 1

on April 26, 2014

Well good day to you all.  With this superb weather we’ve been having here in Brisbane what better way to enjoy it than sit inside at a sewing machine!

Another good month for sewing – I completed two birthday quilts and a remote control pouch along with steady work on the hexie project and finally finding my bag of sashiko. Plus a visit to the craft show, a complete tidy up of “the studio” and the resulting piles of fabric unearthed all now neatly folded and stacked.

But for today let’s just focus on the first birthday quilt which I have imaginatively entitled The Sister Quilt, Part 1.  Obvious reasons – I made two quilts for two sisters. Now for ease of reference my parents have always called us No.1, No.2, No.3 and No.4 – no need to bother remembering names in your dotage when a number will suffice.  So… anyway, this quilt was for the eldest sister hence Part 1.  Ok…  and just to confirm how forward thinking my parents were – our names are in alphabetical order D, F, S and T  – all our names end in ‘a’ and each name has five letters.  Coincidence or OCD – I’ll let you be the judge…

Back to the quilt.  All the fabric was fat quarters from the FF Summer Rose range from Spotlight.  In total 8 fat quarters were used to create the 5 x 5 squares, the strip border and the binding, along with a panel lengthwise down the backing. This collection has a very pretty romantic feel to it with the roses and buds, paisleys and soft summer tones.


The Sister Quilt, Part 1

I usually hand stitch the binding down but for ease and durability I decided to machine stitch this one.  General quilting was just a straight line on either side of each row/column – I haven’t quite worked up to fancy free motion!  The backing was from my stash of mini dots in pale green also from Spotlight.


The Sister Quilt, Part 1 – back view

I also managed to squeak out a pillow with the leftovers.  It started off as a wonky log cabin but my need to straighten and cut overcame me and by the end it was all neat and straight and tickety-boo.


The Sister Quilt, Part 1 – pillow

I think my sister was pretty happy with it.  We’re not a particularly effusive family but she did clap her hands so I’m taking that as a win!

Until next time when The Sister Quilt, Part 4 is revealed have a lovely stitchy time.



5 responses to “The Sister Quilt, Part 1

  1. I love the colours in your quilt, so feminine and pretty.

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  2. Very pretty colours and fabrics. I like the beauty in simple blocks and quilting. Great job Sonya.

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  3. mandymunroe says:

    So pretty, lucky sister! When my kids were little we used to do a role call in the van before we left. The eldest was one… and any extras were allocated numbers so they could join in the game too.

    Liked by 1 person

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