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A stitch in my side

Nopes and crosses

on October 22, 2014

You know how sometimes you see the same pattern plastered all over blogs and every second pin(terest) is a great rendition of the pattern and you say to yourself… “I really think I could do that and I don’t think I need a pattern”…

Yes?? Well, this is what happens when I do that, and let this be a cautionary tale for you all!!


You see I had this terrific jelly roll of Summersville by Lucie Summers for Moda and thought I would have a crack at a plus quilt without a pattern.  Oh good grief what a shamozzle – and then to cap it off why don’t I add some really dark grey at the ends for no other reason than, ummm – yuck!  Here are some beautiful plus quilts if you wish to wash your brain of the above images.

So, now what to do.  Can’t continue with ugly sewing so unpick all the seams – it is my punishment for not thinking things through.

And the new result… – well, again no pattern, but a completely different quilt emerges.  I’m kind of thinking along the lines of a log cabin medallion, slowly building up the “rounds” as I progress and I do rather like it.

Log Cabin Medallion 2

I’ve had to be a bit inventive with some of the piecing because I hacked into the jelly roll.  I’ve also alternated with a lovely soft cream with almost a hint of pink through it to break up the density of the Summersville pattern.  I have a few more tricks up my sleeves for it as well because in between unpicking the first mess and starting this bigger piece I also made some smaller log cabins and these will be added in to finish the sides.  As with all my quilting efforts I just lay it on the bed to see how big it is and either stop or keep adding until I like the size.

Probably not the most professional way of building a quilt but so far. at least, this part of my methodology works well.

I have three more jelly rolls waiting for some sort of treatment and I think I may actually investigate that plus quilt pattern properly this time around.  And for goodness sake it’s free!

Sonya May


2 responses to “Nopes and crosses

  1. Breaking up the patterns with ordered colour stripes and solid strips has really made a big difference to your fabrics. They sing in the second quilt. Great save Sonya. I admire your patience.

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