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The Friendship Quilt

on November 23, 2014

So anyway a couple of years ago I bought a charm pack of Michael Miller Happy Tones and “stored” it away carefully for just the right moment to present itself.  Stored as in the sense of hoarded and hoarded in the sense of “it’s too pretty to use on just anything so I have to be really certain before I cut into it because once it’s gone that’s it you can’t get it back and then what would you do and are you sure that’s what you want to have happen and really is it such a big deal I mean it’s only fabric and you can always get some more but you can’t really so be absolutely sure before you do that”.  Or something like that, I can’t remember the exact words…

Well, about this time last year I thought, hey it’s my BFF’s birthday in a couple of months – that gives me time to knock together a lovely little quilt.  I’ll use my Happy Tones!! And so I did…


Friendship Quilt 1

Thanks to Jamie for holding this up for me and complaining after ten seconds that his shoulders were hurting because it was too heavy…


Basic half-square triangles created with the Happy Tones and Prima Homespun White from Spotty.

I kept the design as minimal and easy as possible.  As well we know I’m not one to follow a pattern so this really did just grow from the initial HST design and move outwards.

Friendship Quilt 2

The border around the HST’s is a mini friendship braid for which I used the terrific pattern from here.  It was fiddly but well worth it as it gave extra texture.  I used Sarah Fielke Millefiori to create the braid.

Friendship Quilt 4

The final border was some stashed basic Spots and Stripes from Spotty as well.  A good standby as it just about matches everything colourwise and I love a good spot.  The machine sewn binding was more of the Sarah Fielke. The backing was organic cotton “House and Garden” Cloud 9 Fabric – sweet little pink birds with chartreuse leaves eked out with some Prima Homespun Pale Pink.  Quilting as always, was simply on the diagonal through the HST’s and around each border.

Friendship Quilt 5Friendship Quilt 3

And to finish it all off – a quilt label!!  Yes, I finally remembered to add one.  This I made myself using printable fabric sheets and my home printer.  The quote is a special one for me as my lovely friend (the new owner of this quilt) gave me a beautiful ceramic tag with this quote (by Dorothy Parker) on it for my birthday last year and it has become a bit of a constant reminder to me of how grateful I am to have her in my life.

Friendship Quilt 6

I finally handed it to her last week – a good eight months after her birthday.  Even though the date on the tag says June. Still, it’s the thought that counts.

Until next time,



4 responses to “The Friendship Quilt

  1. mandymunroe says:

    Lovely, well done on a finish – a special present 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie says:

    As the proud new owner of this exquisite quilt I know I will treasure it for the rest of my life. I am terribly impressed with the detailed work and superb craftwomanship that went into it, (as well as the beautiful fabrics). I have to say I did get a little teary when I read the label…. so very special. The doggies are definitely not allowed on this one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sonyamayhem says:

      You are too kind! I loved making it for you – I couldn’t have survived the last two years without your friendship. Maybe I’ll need to make a couple of snuggly blankets for DeeDee and Nina!!


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