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A stitch in my side


Ok – so it’s been a while. May in fact, ridiculous, the year is almost done!!

So where have I been… well nowhere really and everywhere. Mainly up and down. My dear father passed away in June after a long illness. While you can prepare for the inevitable you can never prepare for how you will feel as the days progress.

We found this lovely photo of him which none of us had ever seen before until we started looking through his secret stash of boxes and envelopes. It is a whole other lifetime away, well before marriage and children and responsibilities.



As a consequence I hadn’t much felt like sewing, until a couple of weeks ago when the desire to sit with Jacqui the Janome became too overwhelming.  Since then, I have completed some new bags for cousins, my mum and myself, finished hand piecing the top for the hexie quilt, chased up some sashiko and worked towards completing the binding on another quilt for a friend and looked at another old standing project that I had with fresh eyes.

I’ve also slowly been catching up with all my favourite blogs and getting back in touch with what everyone else is up to.  It’s been interesting to see everyone transitioning through the seasons as we head in to warmer days here down under while everyone in the north is grabbing the knitting needles and crochet hooks and looking for toasty projects to work on.

I promise to make more regular contributions to the old blog – I do miss it when I don’t do it.  Unfortunately, my only writing of late has been for job applications!  Certainly not the most creative of outlets although with long term unemployment I have developed a brilliant and quick system for knocking them out.  Anyone looking for a Library Technician of a certain age… call me…

Well, I hope you are all well and I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing and sharing with you all.

Until next time,

Sonya May



Planned “random” Thursday #2

Well, ha ha, I made it!  Seriously thought about posting this on Friday – just to make it truly random!

Out and about on the weekend and one of our big local shopping centres has just reopened their “fresh” gourmet food hall.  All the usual shops, blah blah blah, but I really loved the little displays they had going on the concourse.

This one was fab, but mostly because I love the cupboard.  Trying to work out how I can drag it up to the car…


Love how they used the old fridge for a herb garden.


Not sure what’s going on with the oven but it goes with the theme…


The florist also had these Colombian Roses for sale.  Absolutely gorgeous, but $80 (gasp!!) for a small bunch.

Saddest part was they had no scent at all.  But simply stunning all the same.image

Now, you’ll have to excuse this out of focus picture, but it was late, I had the wrong glasses on and I took this with my iPad. I’m guessing it’s a millipede (??) – It was taking a casual stroll in our bathroom.

However, I am going to say with some authority that it’s a lady millipede because it has pink legs.


Lovely dinner out with my peeps this week at the Satay Hut.  We all decided to choose something other than our “usual” –  I had the Black Bean with Chicken and some steamed rice.  Super yummy, and then when I got home I ate a slab of chocolate from Max Brenner.  The perfect evening.


And a final photo as a nod to the lovely days we’ve been having in Brisbane lately.  A super pretty sunset.  If you’ve never been to Brisbane, this wonderful time lapse video, Brisbane Hyperlapse 2013 is a stunning introduction to our beautiful city by Daduxio, a filmmaker and photographer who lives in Italy.


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Planned “randomness” on a Thursday

I am uneasy with random unplanned activities.  Spontaneous is not my middle name, it’s May.

However, in the interests of ‘keeping it real’, here is my version of Really Random Thursday…

A lovely friend of mine mentioned that she thought my Maple Fox Forrest QAL looked a little like the Spirit Guide, the Space Coyote from The Simpsons… I agree.  Johnny Cash as the Spirit Guide during Homer’s chilli hallucination – classic episode.

IMG_0778Space Coyote

We made a little vegetable garden in an old wheelbarrow.  Tomato, parsley, lettuce, sage, carrots and beetroot.


Still in the garden, our Snowflakes have bloomed. Not sure if it’s the right time of year for these, but it’s been cold in Brisbane and maybe this is the closest we’ll get to snow in the sub-tropics?


Possibly my most favourite thing to eat for breakfast on a Thursday if I go out… a freshly made bruschetta with bacon.  Delicious!


And today’s fabulous find from the internet – LEG WARMERS FOR CATS!! Check it out… you’re welcome…


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