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Some things are just instinctive – and that is how I have always felt about hand stitching.  It’s a lovely way to spend an hour or two. To me it’s almost evolutionary the way we progress through various stitching forms.  I started with simple needlework kits, progressed to long stitch, cross stitch and embroidery – tried hardanger, beautiful but not for me – and now I add Sashiko to the ever growing list of things I must (want, need, have to) do.

Sashiko [translates to Little Stabs]  is a form of decorative stitching from Japan – most often compared to a basic running stitch.  It’s simple, reasonably quick and not at all tricksy!!  I can’t even remember when I purchased my first pattern – but naturally at a Craft Show – I didn’t attend a class to learn how to do it or think to myself that I needed to do a class… Probably, as is my usual way, I watched a demonstration for 2 minutes, thought that looks like fun and handed over a pile of cash in exchange for a little bag with some patterns and stern instructions from the seller which I would promptly ignore.  Probably well before You Tube as well so no online tutorials either.



I use DMC cotton Perle thread – I love the variegated colours – I usually wind them on to a wooden spool as I’m working to avoid tangles.

I have one in progress (pictured above); one completed…



And three waiting for their turn to be worked on.  You can buy the pre-stencilled panels from lots of online sellers, I bought mine through a local quilt shop and through BeBeBold. I so want the bunnies and the squirrels and the birds, oh I want them all!!  If you are interested in seeing  how it’s done they have a terrific video available here.  Which really makes me want to do a long table runner, it is so beautiful!!

If you want to be totally authentic you can buy Sashiko thread and needles but I just used what I had on hand – mainly the Perle cotton and some Quilt Basting (no.7) needles.

They usually come with printed instructions on the back:


And that’s about it really – the lines wash out, you don’t even have to do all the lines, you can create your own pattern from the lines provided.

I’m hoping at some point to border the panels and make a quilt from them and a pack of Sakizome momen that I have waiting waiting waiting…

Hope you’re all taking time to enjoy the slow craft movement.

♥Sonya May♥



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